Cigar Spotlight

Jimmy– When smoking the Herrera Esteli, I can clearly see what generated so much excitement. When these first came in, it seemed like they were a little off, from a balance stand point. Now, these seem to be smoking as good as ever – balanced, flavorful and dare I say ‘Cubanesque’. You can’t go wrong, whether starting off your day with the Hererra or winding down your night. Make sure you pick one up and enjoy…

Erich– Erich’s pick for the month of July is the Fratello. This unique cigar has been comfortably resting in the humidor for a few months now and smoke wonderfully. Full of flavor and very balanced the Fratello features filler tobacco from Peru. This tobacco has an interesting spice and complexity. Be sure to grab one when you stop in and give it a try.

Tim–  Tim’s pick for July is the Hererra Esteli Norteno. This second release from Willy Herrera does not disappoint. Willy brings old world craftsmanship with to a Full Body smoke that uses Mexican San Andrés maduro wrapper with Estelí and Jalapa filler. A must try.

Jodi- Jodi’s pick for July is Illusione 88. The Claro wrapper imparts a hint of grassy sweetness with essences of fresh cut hay and oak. This cigar builds in strength over the course of the smoke and ends with hints of white pepper but never becomes overwhelming. It’s a great cigar for a hot day.

Robert- Robert says the Tatuaje La Casita Criolla is a a medium-bodied cigar with an earthy taste that finishes with a hint of sweetness. The wrapper, binder and filler are all constructed using the Connecticut Broadleaf, which originated right here in the U.S.A! This is a great cigar that can be enjoyed any time of day, especially during America’s Birthday.

Brian G- Brian’s pick for July is the Drew Estate Undercrown. This cigar was created by the rollers at Drew Estate, using Liga Privada quality tobacco. Wrapped with a tasty San Andreas Maduro leaf, the Undercrown has a nice coffee note. The cigar smokes well and comes in at medium to full bodied.

Brian W- The Room 101 Master Collection Two Papi Chulo is a mouth full for a name but is a wonderful quick 45 minute smoke for those hot Summer days. This petite corona offers hints of vanilla, spice, and pepper but is not overpowering by any means. Complex and balanced, it’s as if you were eating a sweet vanilla or cinnamon cookie. This one may be overlooked due to its size but I don’t think you would be disappointed after trying.